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Asbestos analysis of roofing felt / roofing felt waste

Disposal and treatment companies point out that roofing felt waste containing tar, which is disposed of in the course of a refurbishment, can be contaminated with carcinogenic fibres such as asbestos and AMF.

The SBB (Sonderabfallgesellschaft Brandenburg Berlin mbH), for example, requires proof of fibre freedom using the BIA method for each batch of roofing felt waste going to landfill.

Read more here: Examination of roofing felt and roofing felt waste for asbestos/AMF


Further information on the disposal of roofing felt containing asbestos and roofing felt waste can be found in this SBB leaflet:

Asbestos in roofing felt waste_information sheet (PDF in German)


Use, Products


  • Roofing felt and roofing felt waste
  • Waste roofing felt containing tar

Asbestos type(s)


  • Mainly chrysotile, other types of asbestos may occur in traces, e.g. in the litter layer

Asbestos content


  • 2 to 5 % of the total

Wie erfolgt die Analyse von Dachpappen?

Dachpappen können hohe Asbest- und/oder Mineralfaser-Konzentrationen, z.T. im 2-stelligen Masse-% Bereich, aufweisen. Aus Gründen des Arbeitsschutzes bei der Probenaufbereitung im Labor untersucht die CRB Analyse Service GmbH Dachpappe und Dachpappenabfälle wie folgt:

  • Voruntersuchung des Materials nach Heißveraschung bei 450° als Streupräparat gemäß Richtlinie VDI 3866, Blatt 5:2017-06 mit einer Nachweisempfindlichkeit von 0,1 Masse-% Asbest/KMF - CRB-Bestell-Nr. 111
    Bei positivem Befund ist die Untersuchung hier nach einem kostengünstigen Verfahren abgeschlossen, da der Asbestnachweis erbracht ist.
  • Nur bei negativem Befund erfolgt eine qualitative Nachuntersuchung gemäß VDI 3866, Blatt 5:2017-06, Anhang B mit einer Nachweisempfindlichkeit von 0,001 Masse-% Asbest/KMF - CRB-Bestell-Nr. 122+114. Bei bestimmten Fragestellungen ist auch eine quantitative Analyse möglich, CRB-Bestell-Nr. 123+114.
Asbest-Test von Dachpappe
Frau Dr. Benner bei der Untersuchung von Asbestproben am Rasterelektronenmikroskop


Dr. Benner examining asbestos samples at the scanning electron microscope

Our services for you


  • Asbestos/AMF analysis is performed according to accredited procedures in our own laboratory, phenol index analysis, PAH according to EPA in cooperation with partner laboratories.

  • fast processing time, approx. 3-4 days for the preliminary examination; incl. follow-up examination 6 - 7 days after receipt of sample

  • robust analysis

  • regular participation in round robin tests for asbestos analysis


Costs for the analysis of asbestos in roofing felt


Preliminary investigation of the material after hot ashing at 450 ° Celsius as a spreading preparation according to guideline VDI 3866, sheet 5:2017-06 with a detection sensitivity of 0.1 mass % asbestos/AMF for 85.00 € net (101.15 € gross).


In the event of a negative result, a follow-up examination according to BIA Method 7487 with a sensitivity of 0.008 mass % asbestos/AMF can be carried out for 245.00 € net (291.55 € gross).


It should be noted that both in an examination according to VDI 3866 and BIA 7487 asbestos/AMF by hot ashing by a factor of 10-30 in the ash enriched and thus in any case can be detected.


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Identification of asbestos in scanning electron microscope images and energy dispersive element spectra

Test von Asbest in Dachpappe Rasterelektronenmikroskopische Aufnahme von Chrysotil - Asbest


Analysis of asbestos in roofing felt
Scanning electron microscope image of chrysotile - asbestos

Test von Asbest in Dachpappe Energiedispersives Elementspektrum von Chrysotil - Asbest


Analysis of asbestos in roofing felt
Energy dispersive element spectrum of chrysotile - asbestos

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