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Advice on asbestos sampling and shipping

We carry out analyses for corporate clients and private customers. Please note the following hints.

Samples should be addressed to:

  • CRB Analyse Service GmbH  -  Bahnhofstraße 14  -  D-37181 Hardegsen

Analysis of material samples for asbestos and/or artificial mineral fibres (€ 57/sample plus VAT)

  • For testing we need a small but representative piece, about the size of a coin. You can take the sample yourself but please avoid dust formation by dampening the relevant area of the sample with water.
  • Place the sample(s) into a sample bag with clip closure, a freezer bag or a film can and dispatch it in a Jiffy bag or another kind of protective bag.
  • Include an informal letter with your address and an additional note “analysis for asbestos”. 
  • We will be glad to previously send a PDF file of the documents. In this case, please state your mailing address. 

Analysis of dust samples for asbestos and/or man-made mineral fibres (€ 80/ sample plus VAT)

You usually get the results by e-mail within three days after the receipt of the samples. The invoice with the original test report follows by mail.

Order inquiry & contact

  • phone: +49 (0)5505 // 940 98-0
  • fax: +49 (0)5505 // 940 98-260


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