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Dismantling & Demolition: Asbestos Analysis for Industrial Projects

Do you know this scenario: The demolition project is up and running - but the asbestos analysis is not ready, while costs continue?

Never delay your projects because of missing asbestos analyses again!


Make your dismantling and demolition projects a success with the help of our asbestos laboratory:

  • Accredited for over 20 years

  • Constant quality assurance through ring trials by currently two different suppliers

  • 6 technically savvy scientists and 4 scanning electron microscopes (SEM)

  • More than 70 years of experience in asbestos analysis under one roof

  • Standard test reports in compliance with the four-eye-principle (tester and releaser)

  • Online sample registration via Drag'n'Drop - directly from your EDP, LIMS, Excel, etc.


Waited too long for your asbestos analysis?

As as standard, CRB offers a fast asbestos analysis and even provides the possibility of immediate processing: Contact us, we will always find a solution! Call now


Dissatisfied with your current asbestos laboratory?

We are personally available for you and advise you in the selection of the necessary analysis. Complete your projects successfully with our support.

Get in touch! Contact our laboratory manager

  • We provide free adhesive pads for dust sampling and monitors equipped with nuclear pore filters (for a fee).

  • Do you have problems with the shipping of asbestos samples? We can help!  Call now

Do you know our overview of all relevant detection limits around asbestos for the different examination types?

overview of all relevant detection limits around asbestos for the different examination types

Request a copy now!


Do you know the ring trial results of your asbestos lab?

We take quality assurance very seriously: That's why you can find all ring trial results by CRB on our homepage, including results!


About CRB – the Brand for Asbestos Analyses

Since 1992, we have been working as an independent testing laboratory in the field of asbestos analysis. CRB offers you all the usual tests for the analysis on asbestos of material samples, dust samples, air samples from indoor air measurements and workplace measurements, liquids as well as road coverings, asphalt and rock samples.

Order inquiry & contact

  • Phone: +49 (0)5505 // 940 98-0
  • fax: +49 (0)5505 // 940 98-260


May 9, 2018

Neuer Kundenshop für Asbest-Analysen ist online

Asbest ist und bleibt eine Gefahr für Heimwerker: Nur eine Analyse verdächtiger Baustoffe und Bausubstanzen liefert Gewissheit. Damit unsere Kunden Ihre Proben noch einfacher auf Asbest untersuchen lassen können, haben wir gemeinsam mit der digital Commerce Agentur Blackbit einen neuen Kundenshop eingerichtet. ... read more

Mar 23, 2018

Neue Forschungsergebnisse: Ursache von Asbesterkrankungen

Warum Asbest bestimmte Krankheiten wie die Asbestose oder die “Asbestlunge” verursacht konnte bisher nicht schlüssig belegt werden. Die Analytik News berichtete, dass Forscher herausgefunden haben, wie Asbestfasern dem Körper derart schaden: ... read more

Mar 6, 2018

Erneute Kapazitätsausweitung für den Laborbereich Asbest-Analytik

CRB hat ein viertes Rasterelektronen-Mikroskop gekauft, dass noch im März 2018 in Betrieb genommen wird. Dies bedeutet eine 33% ige Kapazitätserweiterung für den Laborbereich Asbestanalytik. ... read more