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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about asbestos analysis at CRB

Here we answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) about asbestos, the asbestos analysis and our ordering process.

Should your question remain unanswered or you wish a detailed consultation, we are at your disposal by phone, email or contact form.


Asbestos Analysis

(Order asbestos analysis) Somewhat complicated in the representation, it was for me not immediately recognizable, which consequences the test result has for me. An evaluation of the result would have been helpful.

Dear Mr. M. V.,

Unfortunately, the subject of asbestos has also been further complicated by legislation, which is also reflected in the nature and quantity of the analyses offered in our technical standards - even the specialist public is currently still having some difficulties. However, we are convinced that the very special analyses must also be made available to the end consumer. The times when one only distinguished between material and dust samples are over.   

Furthermore, you describe very succinctly in one sentence what drives us on every day: The result of the test report is the result of a scientific, accredited procedure, i.e. objectively comprehensible. A consultation, what has to be done with a positive result, is a consultation service, which we cannot provide from a distance, neither in terms of content nor in terms of time - if a positive result is available, an expert on site has to be consulted in any case. We therefore refer in the glossary to institutions such as Stiftung Warentest. In addition, an accredited testing laboratory is not permitted to provide advice on company paper, as expert opinions are personal assessments of the expert and not an accredited procedure. Obviously not all laboratories adhere to them.

We hope that our work has helped you.

Your CRB team


Order and dispatch of asbestos analyses

How long will it take for me to receive the results of my asbestos analysis?

For the analysis of samples for asbestos only very small amounts of representative material are necessary:

  • 3-4 working days for testing material, dust and air filter samples

  • 4-6 working days for the quantitative analysis of asphalt samples, rocks, mineral powders and dusts (IFA / BIA method 7487) as well as for the investigation of plasters, fillers and tile adhesives (qualitative and quantitative according to VDI 3866 sheet 5:2017-06)

We do not send any confirmations of receipt. You can use the so-called tracking services of the delivery service to track your shipment. If you would like to document the delivery, we recommend that you send it by post. After the sample has been analysed, we will send you the test report by e-mail or fax.

If other processing times are required (only for 'normal' material, dust and air filter samples), we will charge the following surcharges on all work performed:

  • 24-hour service for incoming samples until 09:00 +50%.

  • Immediate processing with sample receipt until 09:00 h +75%.

  • Weekends, holidays, weekdays from 17:00 to 8:00 +100%.

More information about our prices and conditions can be found here.


How large must the sample be for an asbestos analysis?

For the analysis of samples for asbestos only very small amounts of representative material are necessary:

  • a sample of 1 x 1 cm size for material samples

  • for dust samples, the contents of a thimble

Please do not send us unnecessarily large samples! Remnants of unnecessarily large samples must be returned to you freight collect for legal reasons.

Asbestos Analysis0

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