VDU training “Sampling of drinking and bathing pool water” in Hanover

On April 23, 2024, the VDU office in Hanover will offer basic and refresher training on “sampling drinking and bathing pool water.” As a member of the Association of German Investigation Laboratories e.V. (vdu), we would like to draw your attention to this interesting event.

Register for the VDU training until April 12

As part of the VDU course, you will learn everything you need to know to sample drinking water and bath water. The speaker also provides information on the comprehensive amendments to the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) amended in June 2023. Not only are important theoretical principles and legal backgrounds taught, but the necessary practical knowledge is also trained.

Overview of the main topics of the event:

  • Development of the Drinking Water Ordinance and significant changes
  • Microbiological problems with drinking water
  • Planning and implementation of drinking water sampling
  • Sampling from bathing waters and pools
  • Quality assurance and occupational safety during sampling
  • Practical exercises for sensor technology and microbiological sampling

The VDU confirms successful participation in training with a certificate, which is a basic requirement for sampling following Section 15 (4) TrinkwV and is also considered a refresher course for already recognized samplers. Participants will also receive the presentation documents, an event script, and additional information on drinking water testing in digital form on CD.

The costs for participation in training amount to:

  • 320 € for VDU members
  • 420 € for external participants

Further information on the program can be found in vdu's invitation flyer (PDF, 311 KB).

You can make a binding registration by April 12 by using this online form.