New research results: Cause of asbestos diseases

Why asbestos causes certain diseases such as asbestosis or "asbestosis" has not yet been conclusively proven. Analytik News reported that researchers have found out how asbestos fibres damage the body in such a way: According to the researchers, the permanent action of asbestos creates an excessive immune reaction in the tissue, resulting in tumors in the affected cells.

Asbestos generates immune reaction

In itself, asbestos is chemically harmless, but the asbestos fibres cause micro-injuries that trigger an immune reaction. In addition, asbestos is not biosoluble and can remain stable in the lungs for almost 40 years.

In their study, the German, Swiss and Canadian research teams found that the immune reaction caused in the affected tissue leads to increased cell division and tumour formation. These research results open up new possibilities for therapeutic approaches in the field of immunotherapy.