vdu training course "LAGA PN 98" in Hanover

On 24 September 2019, the vdu office in Hanover will offer a training course on "LAGA PN 98". As a member of the Association of German Research Laboratories e.V. (Verband Deutscher Untersuchungslaboratorien e.V., vdu) we would like to draw your attention to this interesting event.

LAGA PN 98 – important expertise for waste sampling

The vdu also bundles the interests of private laboratories at the technical level and therefore regularly organizes recognized training courses from various specialist areas. As stipulated in the Landfill Ordinance (Deponieverordnung, DepV), sampling may only be carried out by persons who have the necessary technical or expert knowledge in accordance with the "LAGA PN 98" guideline.

In order to impart this knowledge theoretically and practically, Dipl.-Geol. Bruno Rütten will train interested persons in waste sampling on the above-mentioned date. Mr. Rütten is an expert assessor in the field of sampling at the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and a long-standing expert in the field of soil and groundwater protection. 

Within the framework of the practical training part, participants have the opportunity to determine and confirm the share of sampling in the measurement uncertainty of the test result. 

The vdu confirms the successful participation in the training with a certificate. 

Further information on the programme and the registration form can be found in the vdu invitation flyer (PDF, 279 KB). The registration deadline is 6 September 2019.