Trusted Shops seal: asbestos analysis shop in three languages certified as trustworthy

Our laboratory services – in particular the asbestos analysis – are in increasing demand not only in Germany but also in other European countries. To make it easy for international interested parties to find their way around our website and quickly recognise us as a trustworthy provider, we not only provide multilingual web content and shop functionalities, but have also had our end customer shop tested according to the quality and safety criteria of the Trusted Shops seal of quality.

New: French Trusted Shops certification

französische Trusted Shops Zertifizierung für den Asbest-Analyse Shop von CRBOur German and English asbestos analysis shop have been certified by Trusted Shops for some time now. Now also the French shop version was distinguished with the popular quality seal.

Trusted Shops is Europe's leading trust mark. The service provider checks online shops for over 100 quality criteria and ensures that consumer rights are observed. The certification requirements include, for example, transparent communication, responsible handling of customer data and reliable customer service. The buyer protection of Trusted Shops also guarantees that customers always shop securely – regardless of the chosen payment method. In addition, genuine, trustworthy customer evaluations form an important basis for one's own purchase decision.

"By the certification in three languages CRB internationally shows up as a respectable, reliable offerer of analysis achievements" , says Ralf Klaus Blecher, Managing director of the CRB Analyse Service GmbH. "The high hurdle of ordering a service abroad can be reduced in this way".

Further customer-friendly shop extensions planned

The Trusted Shops certification is only one milestone in the expansion history of CRB. The next step will be the introduction of PayPal Express, one of the most convenient and widespread payment methods. Thus in the future, orders can completed in our asbestos analysis shop even faster and more easily.