Increasing demand for analyses: CRB extends its capacity with a third Scanning Electron Microscope

In order to meet this growing demand of analyses and to guarantee a reliable and fail-safe operation we have just acquired a 3rd Scanning Electron Microscope – SEM - a FEI Quanta 650.

This step has also become necessary with regard to the new edition of VDI standard 3866, part 5:2017-06.

In spite of increasing sample numbers our customers can still rely on our short turn-around times and analyses carried out with the utmost precision. 

The instrument is equipped with

  • a 5 axis (X,Y,Z, tilt, rotation) motorized stage
  • three secondary electron detectors (ETD, LF-GSED, GSED)
  • three vacuum modes
    - high vacuum (< 6x10-4 Pa)
    - low vacuum (10-130 Pa) for unprepared, non-conductive samples
    - ESEM mode (10-2600 Pa)
  • an EDX system by Thermo Fischer Scientific