100% quality in asbestos analyses: top marks in interlaboratory comparisons 2017

In order to ensure the quality of our test procedures, we regularly take part in interlaboratory comparisons. Because only the external control of a laboratory allows statements about the 'correctness' and comparability of measurement results. Last year, we were able to shine with 100 percent accurate results in all four interlaboratory comparisons of our asbestos analysis process.

For our asbestos analyses, we participate in various interlaboratory comparison programmes: In England, we participate in several test procedures of the Health and Safety Laboratories, where procedures are used to check material samples (AIMS), air filters (SEMS) and low asbestos contents in material samples (LACS). We also participate in the Dutch Metrology Institute's RIAB interlaboratory test program for testing material samples.

Excellent asbestos analyses for our customers thanks to accurate round robin tests

Round robin tests are a method of quality assurance of measurement methods in which identical asbestos samples are analysed using specific methods in order to compare the results and thus determine the measurement accuracy and quality of the laboratory. Consumers should rely on qualified service providers, especially for the analysis of hazardous substances such as asbestos. The excellent results of the interlaboratory tests carried out by independent testing laboratories last year confirm the high quality of our asbestos analyses. 

The overview of our completed round robin tests for the asbestos analysis can be found here.

We are pleased about the extraordinary result in 2017 and expect further "top marks" in future interlaboratory comparisons!