Innovation award for safe asbestos decontamination of firefighter clothing

MeyerundKuhl Spezialwäschen GmbH wins 2nd place in the Innovation Award of the Göttingen district in 2019, beating over 100 competitors. The subject of the award is the test procedure developed together with CRB for the evaluation of professional washing procedures for heavily contaminated personal protective equipment (PPE).

What is special about it is that the new analysis method proves for the first time that the innovative washing process from MeyerundKuhl cleans workwear contaminated with asbestos fibres safely and without leaving any residues. Professional laundry is not only effective, but also sustainable: In contrast to cleaning in a domestic washing machine, the life expectancy of expensive clothing increases fivefold.   

In keeping with this year's event motto "Future-oriented - solutions that change", the Hardegsen-based company presents the innovative and forward-looking idea in an application video.