Impregnation of outdoor clothing - Göttinger Tageblatt reports about MeyerundKuhl

The Göttinger Tageblatt reports on MeyerundKuhl Spezialwäschen GmbH under the title "MeyerundKuhl keeps outdoor and fire brigade clothing in good shape". The start-up company from Hardegsen has specialised in the cleaning and impregnation of outdoor clothing and is already working with 200 Jack Wolfskin shops and manufacturers of other brands from all over Europe. Consumers send their outdoor clothing by post to MeyerundKuhl, where any damage to the functional clothing is documented and then cleaned and impregnated in an environmentally friendly and textile-friendly manner. The company's service is fast: after two to three days, customers will have their garments back.

Tested washing process for asbestos decontamination of firefighters' clothing

Household washing machines are poorly suited for cleaning firefighters' clothing. The suits are unusable after a maximum of 20 washes. Professionally cleaned, however, they survive 100 wash cycles. CRB has investigated in a joint research project whether MeyerundKuhl's special washing process also removes asbestos contamination from firefighters' clothing. Since standardised methods for assessing the cleaning performance of washing processes were lacking up to now, we first had to develop a suitable test procedure. We applied this method in a series of tests in order to make a qualitative statement and quantify the cleaning performance possible.

More about the test procedure and the results of the test series on asbestos decontamination of firefighters' clothing

Online article of the Göttinger Tageblatt about MeyerundKuhl Spezialwäschen GmbH (in German)