CRB in the HNA: Report on the occasion of our 25th anniversary

Under the heading "On the trail of the elements" Mr. Niko Mönkemeyer from the HNA reported about our laboratory and interviewed our managing director Ralf Klaus Blecher about the development of the company and the importance of the most modern analysis technology: "For the 25th anniversary of CRB a third scanning electron microscope was purchased in order to be able to meet the increasing demand for on-time analysis. In addition to X-ray fluorescence analysis, several thousand asbestos analyses per month are currently processed in the laboratory in Hardegsen.

Our pioneering role as a medium-sized company also fascinated Dr. Volker Müller, Managing Director of the Lower Saxony Employers' Associations. In addition to the steady growth, he also praised the ability to serve a specialized niche with such absolute professionalism and depth.

According to Managing Director Ralf Klaus Blecher, work processes must be designed as effectively as possible and laboratory equipment must always be state-of-the-art. With regard to a possible expansion of the company, he sums up: "And it is much easier to implement this in a manageable company in which there is a family relationship than in a large one".

Read the HNA report:

Reporting on the occasion of our 25th anniversary The CRB in HNA (in German)