Guideline VDI 3866, Sheet 5, new version

Guideline VDI 3866, Sheet 5, new version

After 2 years in the draft stage the guideline VDI 3866, part 5 (Determination of asbestos in technical products - scanning electron microscopic method) is now finally binding.

VDI 3866, Part 5 specifies a scanning electron microscopic method for the qualitative detection of asbestos in technical products with an asbestos mass content of at least 1%.

In addition, preparation techniques are described in which the concentration of the sample (e.g. acid treatment, hot ashing in accordance with ISO 22262-2) and/or an increase in the evaluation effort can lower the asbestos content to the detection limit. The technique of producing a homogeneous 'dispersion sample' from a suspension by filtration of fine sample material is based on the IFA / BIA method 7487. 

The method is also suitable for estimating the percentage asbestos mass content of the technical product.

Traces of asbestos detected (< 1 %)
Asbestos mass fraction approx. 1 % to 5 %
Asbestos mass fraction about 5 % to 20 %
Asbestos content about 20 % to 50 % by mass
Asbestos mass proportion over 50