Further capacity expansion for the asbestos analysis laboratory area

CRB has purchased a fourth scanning electron microscope which will be put into operation in March 2018. This represents a 33% increase in capacity for the asbestos analysis laboratory.

The scanning electron microscope of the brand ThermoFischer Scientific - FEI, model Quanta 650 has proven to be an efficient system for asbestos analysis. The same model was already purchased in 2017. Due to the reliable analytical performance and the extraordinary service, we have remained loyal to our partner ThermoFischer Scientific - FEI, who has accompanied us since the company was founded in 1992.

With four SEMs of its own, CRB will also be able to meet the demand for asbestos analyses on an industrial scale in the future. Our customers can count on short processing times even when sample numbers continue to rise, of course with the highest analytical quality - which we always prove with interlaboratory comparisons.

scanning electron microscope CRB