FAQ: Explanatory videos on asbestos and asbestos analysis

Asbestos is still found in many old buildings. Anyone who does not know where the building pollutant occurs and how to handle it safely puts himself and those around him at risk of heavy fines during construction measures. We want to prevent that. That is why we have provided comprehensive information about asbestos for years — now also in video format.

Nine explanatory videos are already available. The topics range from general questions such as "Why is asbestos dangerous?" to analysis topics such as "When is a material considered asbestos-free?" to laboratory-related questions such as "Which materials does CRB test for asbestos?"

Where can I watch the Asbestos FAQ videos?

All asbestos-explanatory videos are available on our YouTube channel. There, you can either access all uploaded videos or the playlist Asbestos FAQs.

In addition, we have included the videos on our website on the appropriate topics. All videos can also be found in the "Contact and Service" menu in the FAQ section. Here you can see the video icon (film strip) for which questions a video answer is available. Click on the question (or the plus sign) to expand the answer and go to the video.

faq videos on asbestos

We hope you enjoy browsing and hope our videos can help as many people as possible if they are unsure about asbestos and asbestos analysis. Is an important question still missing from our FAQ page, or do you have a detailed question that can only be clarified in person? Then feel free to contact us by phone or using our contact form.

As a foretaste, here is our most frequently viewed FAQ video so far:

How do I recognize asbestos? (asbestos analysis)