ARD contribution: Tenants with asbestos problems left alone

In mid-January, the ARD magazine "Kontraste" reported on cases of asbestos danger and on tenants who were left alone with the problem.

It is not uncommon for tenants to carry out minor building work in their own homes and not to be aware of the dangers they are exposed to at that moment. It is essential to know whether asbestos is present in your own home. Only a test report from an accredited laboratory can provide a reliable indication of whether asbestos has been installed in your own four walls.

You can find the complete video report on the topic of asbestos danger here:

Asbestos hazard: how tenants are left alone | contrasts

Millions of tenants live in asbestos-polluted dwellings — often without knowing about it. The EU wants an asbestos-free Europe by 2032, and many states have already taken concrete action. However, in Germany, where asbestos estimates that 25% of all residential buildings are burdened by asbestos, is lagging behind during renovation. 27 years after the asbestos ban, recommendations for action will only be drawn up here on land on how to exempt the country and its tenants from asbestos until soon. There is a lack of information, money and will to achieve the goals. And that's even though asbestos is a deadly hazardous substance.