Please note

Hourly rates for SEM analysis

After many years of price stability we had to increase the hourly rates for non-standard testing by means of Scanning electron microscope, SEM.

X-ray microanalysis according to DIN ISO 22309

We have included X-ray – microanalysis for the identification of materials according to DIN ISO 22309:15-11 into our price list.

The energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis (EDX) is used for the semi-quantitative to quantitative analysis of the smallest amounts of sample volumes like inclusions, impurities, single dust particles and for the chemical characterization of unknown materials.

The formation of SEM images

Being a high – resolution image formation device the Scanning Electron Microscope can ideally be used for imaging surfaces and microscopic structures. The abundance of options for its use in natural sciences, technical and medical applications make it impossible to offer a complete list right here.

This method allows images with different resolutions and in TIF format without losses or as JPEG file. We have put two sets of different image qualities online.

 Amphibole asbestos, amosite, next to idiomorphic quartz crystals, approx. 1600 X magnification

 Chrysotile asbestos in bituminous glue, approx. 5000 X magnification

Here you find 2 motifs in 4 different resolutions