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Asbestos analysis of mortars

Application, products

Asbestos-containing mineral products were used as

  • Levelling compounds
  • trowelled materials
  • tile adhesives
  • jointing compounds
  • mortars

Types of asbestos

  • Predominately chrysotile, rarely amosite and/or crocidolite

Asbestos content

  • Traces up to 5 %

Our services for you


  • analysis for asbestos carried out by qualified scientists in our own accredited laboratory 
  • short processing time, as a rule 3 days after sample receipt
  • court-proof analysis
  • regular participation in collaborative studies in the field of asbestos analysis

Costs for the analysis for asbestos in mortars


Analysis as material sample according to VDI guideline 3866, page 5 for

€ 85 net or € 98,60 VAT incl.


► Price list asbestos analysis


Identification of asbestos in mortars by means of SEM images and energy-dispersive element-spectra


Asbestos analysis of mortars

SEM-image of chrysotile asbestos


Asbestos analysis of mortars

EDX-spectrum of chrysotile asbestos

Asbestos Analysis0

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