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Asbestos analysis of magnesite floor, xylolite

Application, products

  • Applications as finished screed for large and dry areas like industrial floors.

  • Can be easily coloured with dyes: there are red, yellow and grey varieties. It is called xylolite with the addition of pieces of wood and wood flour.

Types of asbestos

  • Predominantly chrysotile, rarely actinolite-tremolite

Asbestos content 

  • Generally traces up to 5 %, often distributed inhomogeneously within the product

Dr. Benner examining asbestos samples under the scanning electron microscope

Our services for you


  • analysis for asbestos carried out by qualified scientists in our own accredited laboratory 
  • short processing time, as a rule 3 days after sample receipt
  • court-proof analysis
  • regular participation in collaborative studies in the field of asbestos analysis

Costs for the analysis for asbestos in magnesite-floors, xylolites


Analysis as material sample according to VDI guideline 3866, page 5 for

€ 85.00 net or € 101.15 VAT incl.


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Identification of asbestos in magnesite floor, xylolite by means of SEM images and energy-dispersive element-spectra


Asbestos analysis of magnesite floor, xylolite

SEM-image of chrysotile asbestos


Asbestos analysis of magnesite floor, xylolite

EDX-spectrum of chrysotile asbestos


Asbestos analysis of magnesite floor, xylolite

SEM-image of amphibole asbestos, tremolite


Asbestos analysis of magnesite floor, xylolite

EDX-spectrum of amphibole asbestos, tremolite

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