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Asbestos analysis of electrical components, electrical equipment

Use, Products


  • Backings or linings for built-in parts in electrical installations
  • Documentation and enclosures for luminaires
  • Thermal insulation in stoves, ovens, heating plates, heaters, irons, toasters, deep fryers, night storage heaters

Asbestos type(s)


  • Mainly chrysotile, rarely amosite, crocidolite

Asbestos content


  • up to 100 %
CRB GmbH | Dr. Elke Benner at scanning electron microscope | © CRB Analyse Service GmbH


Dr. Benner examining asbestos samples at the scanning electron microscope

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Asbestos analysis of electrical components, electrical equipment


Examination as material sample according to guideline VDI 3866, sheet 5 for
62,00 € net (73,78 € gross)


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Identification of asbestos in scanning electron microscope images and energy dispersive element spectra


Analysis of asbestos in electrical components, electrical appliances
Scanning electron microscope image of chrysotile - asbestos


Analysis of asbestos in electrical components, electrical appliances
Energy dispersive element spectrum of chrysotile - asbestos

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