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Round robin tests XRF-analysis XRF Round-robin test DIFK, Bonn - PRE 72-7, Kyanite (Disthen)

Study organized by:
DIFK, Bonn
Material of proficiency test:
PRE 72-7, Kyanit (Disthen)
Study finished:
2008 - 6
Dieser Ringversuch (Laborvergleich) dient der Validierung und Normung von Fundamentalparameter-Messprogrammen wie IQ+ oder Uniquant und der Durchführung der Messung an einem Pulverpressling.

major elements [wt %]

Fe₂O₃ tot0,4200,4400,070

trace elements [µg/g]



results CRB
cooperative test
results collaborative study
Standard deviation collaborative study
Difference of measured value from mean study
Value not certified

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