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Round robin tests XRF-analysis XRF Round-robin test PCS - PL-1, Sediment

Study organized by:
Polish Comittee for Standardization (PCS), Division of Physical Chemistry
Material of proficiency test:
PL-1, Sediment
Study finished:
1995 - 1
in Form von Analysenzertifikaten, März 1996

major elements [wt %]

Na₂O0,7300,690 ---
MgO0,2600,260 ---
Al₂O₃5,3905,390 ---
SiO₂85,73085,990 ---
P₂O50,0990,101 ---
SO₃0,024  ---
K₂O1,8801,840 ---
CaO0,4100,420 ---
TiO₂0,5700,530 ---
Fe₂O₃ tot1,2001,170 ---
MnO0,0410,040 ---

trace elements [µg/g]

Ba351,00354,00 ---
Ce30,0040,10 ---
Co3,003,90 ---
Cr48,0049,60 ---
Cu6,006,20 ---
Ga5,006,00 ---
Hf13,0013,80 ---
La22,0021,50 ---
Nb10,0010,00 ---
Ni11,007,40 ---
Pb15,0019,60 ---
Rb56,0055,80 ---
Sr64,0067,40 ---
Th7,506,30 ---
U2,202,20 ---
V24,0024,10 ---
Y18,0018,80 ---
Zn30,0030,00 ---


results CRB
cooperative test
results collaborative study
Standard deviation collaborative study
Difference of measured value from mean study
Value not certified

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