We say goodbye to the old SEM XL 40

Goodbye SEM XL 40

In 2010, CRB purchased a Philips XL 40 SEM as a used but revised device to meet the increased demand in the field of materials analysis. At that time, around 7,000 to 10,000 material samples were tested each year - especially for the pollutant asbestos. A good half of these analyses were carried out with the SEM XL 40.

Since the electronics and the high-voltage part no longer function reliably and the maintenance contract on the part of the manufacturer is no longer extended due to the age of the equipment, we decided to part with our SEM XL 40. The company remX bought the old device and will repair it, replace the electronics and then resell it.

In order for our customers to be able to continue to count on short processing times, we will of course provide a replacement: it is planned to purchase two new Prisma E scanning electron microscopes from Thermo Scientific from March onwards. We continue to guarantee the highest analytical quality, which we constantly check with our interlaboratory comparisons.